Friday, November 6, 2009

Quick Hitters:: Slim Twig - Spit It Twig Vol. 2

I don't know about you folks, but when I think of this dark Toronto rockabilly troubadour, the first thing that comes to mind is mixtapes. Oh, perhaps I should mention that I just listened to Slim's 2nd free mixtape Spit It Twig! Vol. 2, because prior to now, I never would have thought anything of the sort when pondering Mr. Twig.

So Slim Twig loves mixtapes, who knew? Perhaps not what one might expect, but then again, given that he's not your average everyday indie musician, you should likely expect the un-expected. Seeing as how I'm not well versed in Slim's non-mixtape work, it might make sense to hear the mixtape described in his own words:

Spit It Twig Vol. 2 represents my commitment to the free mixtape format I admire so much in artists like Lil Wayne & the Clipse. This time I decided to stretch out my repertoire in directions both more overtly hip hop ('This Night's Untold' & 'More Mercy, Miss Percy'), and even more abstract ('The Pink Room', 'Perfect Pitch'). This mix also features more collaboration than any of my other releases with contributions from Dirty Beaches, Onakabazien, D-Sisive and a (one-sided-career-fullfilling) collab with David Lynch. The diversity of Spit It Twig Vol. 2 was meant to reveal my intention & future direction with tapes which is to periodically expose experiments, and spontaneous ideas to those who are curious... all for a great price.

Oh, and that great price he mentions? You guessed it, free.99. So head on over to paper bag and grab yourself a copy. The sonic collages Slim has pieced together keep you guessing, and are a perfect match for his collection of off-kilter deliveries. Even something that appears to be straight-forward, like the simple drum & chimes beat that opens Black Eldorado is thrown for a loop when Slim adds some electro-fuzz to accompany his vocals. It would be hard to find an MC that would be more at-home in ST's bizarro-noir universe than D-Sisive, and Mr. Christoff does indeed sound quite relaxed. Suggestion for the next mix? A collabo with Taylor Kirk - seems like a pretty natural fit to me.

MP3:: Slim Twig - This Night's Untold feat. D-Sisive

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I saw ST at a Timber Timbre show once...


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