Exclusive:: Chris Page MP3 + A Date With A Smoke Machine Review

Taking a day off from the Best-of (tomorrow will be the EPs and TRUST ME, you will want to tune in for a bucketload of unreleased/new songs) to give Kelp rocker Chris Page some much deserved love. Every few months, I randomly get upset that the Pager hasn’t delivered a new Camp Radio record in a few years, tweet the label like a smart ass and get on with my day. About a month ago, Jon replied with some news: Page has a new solo record and the new Camp Radio record is getting worked on as we speak. So, as excited as I am for more killer jams from CR, Chris’ solo work is more than just a stop gap for fans.

A Date With a Smoke Machine is a stripped down effort that is essentially Page with his trusted axe, a sense of nostalgia and a freedom not often found in song writers repertoire. Sure, Page adds some harmonies, some well placed cymbal washes (Unwind, Unwind) or the occasional epic, slow build (Coax the End of the Day), but you could strip away everything but his voice and his guitar and the songs would still hit you the same way. They would still make you breath, make you bounce, force you to remember and help you to forget.

Whether it’s the punchy rebellion of youth (Two Twenty-Twos) or the longing that overcomes you on the touching, Irish bar ready Quit While I’m Behind , Page presents his emotions clearly and succinctly, but always lets you run with your own thoughts. It’s hard not to let your mind drift as you digest the slows strums of Hello Danger Bay or feel a little Ponce De Leon-ish when you pogo around your room (Fall Back Morning), but I guess that’s what makes Page such a talented song writer. Every song forces you to listen, but he never bombards you with an onslaught of the sames. He touches on your sadness, but follows it up with an optimistic nod to life and the possibilities. Sadly, every beginning has an end, but every end can be a new beginning.

So, even though the single is the terrific TTT, Page is letting us offer up a new version of Slideshows. It’s a fleshed out take on a demo from 5 years ago, but fits perfectly in this ever moving time capsule.

Slideshows (demo video)

MP3:: Chris Page - Slideshows
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/chrispagemusic
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