Exclusive:: Christmas at the Oldfolks Home Week 2

Week two of Oldfolks Home holiday cheer. Week one was a look back at the joy of family, and naturally week two is a look at most people’s favorite part of the holidays - FOOD. Honestly, I never expected the Winnipeg duo to cover a Hawksley tune, but the effort is much appreciated. So is the collage of color courtesy of Julie Fader.

So as always, deck the halls. It’s Christmas time in Hollis herohill.

Almost A Full Moon
Songs about soup? For Christmas?

And one we didn’t write!? Please forgive us.

We hope you’ll enjoy this, so don’t be a hater!
This is part 2 of 4, “Almost A Full Moon” featuring art by Julie Fader.

MP3:: Oldfolks Home - Almost a Full Moon
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