Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Future Watch:: Woodhands

I know a few things about Toronto duo Woodhands, the most important of which for you, the reader/consumer of excellent Canadian music, is that they have a new album coming out on Paper Bag Records on January 26th called Remorsecapade.

Now for some of those other things: I know they play brand of electro-influenced rock & roll that critics & fans alike have found pretty irresistible after one album, leading to high praise from folks like Rolling Stone, NME and Q Magazine. I know Paul Banwatt is a heck of a drummer and an even nicer guy (he couldn't have been nicer when we chatted with him during HPX 08. I assume Dan Werb is also a nice guy, but I don't know it to be a fact). I know I enjoyed this video about Woodhands first show, which was in an abandoned brick factory in Toronto with Holy Fuck and others. I also know they covered Eddy Grant's Electric Avenue, which is enough to win me over in and of itself.

One last thing I know: I'm looking forward to their new album. But for now you can help Paul & Dan greet our new robot overlords with their new video for CP24, and check out Pockets, another song from Remorsecapade.

VIDEO:: Woodhands - CP24

MP3:: Woodhands - Pockets

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