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Count Sockula Esq.

December’s Herohill/Music Nova Scotia artist of the month is a little late, but, in my humble, it is certainly worth that wait. Ghettosocks is certainly one of the brightest suns that the planets of the Halifax hip hop scene orbit around. While that analogy makes little to no sense in astrological terms, it is an accurate description of the role ‘Socks has played in the scene here since he relocated from his hometown of Ottawa. So when you add that to the fact that we’ve long been proponents of this transplanted Haligonian MC champ, and considering his latest release, Treat of the Day, was such a big hit here at the hill, it seemed only natural that we bestow the lofty hill/MNS designation on the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks.

But it’s not only his latest work that we’ve been behind, you can check our reviews for his last three projects:

Get Some Friends

I Can Make Your Dog Famous

Treat of the Day

And now some selected quotes from those reviews:

Get Some Friends (an excellent album title I should add) is a very good hip hop album. And I say that without an ounce of Halifax bias in the mix. If you told me Socks was from Porcupine Plain, Saskatchewan, I’d still be a big fan of this album.

I think he’s one of the best MC’s our fine country has to offer right now - I’d easily put him in my current top five favorite Canadian MC’s

In fact, Socks makes the kind of hip hop I would hope to make if I weren’t just some chaunce with a blog

In fact, we should make the Grand Wizard Ghettosocks required listening for any fan of Golden Age hip hip - perhaps we can talk to KRS about getting such an amendment made to the hip hop constitution he’s no doubt been writing for some time.

Ghettosocks is an MC, a producer, and even a DJ (he was recently crowned DJ of the year at the 2009 Music Nova Scotia Awards), who makes the kind of hip hop that warms my curmudgeonly, golden age-loving heart. For that reason alone I’m happy we’re anointing him with this Artist of the Month title, and I hope it will encourage those of you who haven’t checked him out before will do so.

MP3:: Ghettosocks - Step To A T-Rex

MP3:: Ghettosocks - Ballz in yo Stomach f. Timbuktu & Pip Skid

MP3:: Ghettosocks - Don’t Turn Around f. Edgar Allen Floe
MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/ghettosocks

VIDEO:: Ghettosocks - Step To A T-Rex

VIDEO:: Ghettosocks Ballz in yo Stomach f. Pip Skid & Timbuktu

VIDEO:: Ghettosocks - Don’t Turn Around (feat. Edgar Allen Floe)



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