Reviews:: The Centre Piece It Won’t Be Long (EP)

With the holiday season bearing down on us, it’s awfully fitting we take a closer look at Haligonian born, France based Samuel Hill and his musical project known as The Centre Piece. This bedroom style project expands and contracts like a heartbeat as Hill adds and removes layers with a deft touch and understanding of emotion, tension and feel.

The EP opens with In Your Basement and an oddly familiar sound. You can’t help but think of DevotchKa‘s classic track, How It Ends, but that quickly changes. Hill adds guitar to beef up the sound, but instead of building and building until he reaches soaring choruses, he retreats. Barely audible textures slowly appear to end each line, but just as quickly fade away.

Sure the guitar bounces around the room at times, but this song works as just a simple keyboard back beat and his vocals. He keeps you intrigued with flourishes, but instantly you realize Hill refuses to force the issue. Even the builds seem natural. This continues on the EP stand-out, the quick hitting Ultra Neon Gold. Hill veers into a beautiful darkness, before adding heavier, distorted guitar work that thickens the sound. The drum clap beat does more than keep time, it gives the song a pulse.

But Hill is just as successful playing a more understated style. Rhythmic Summer essentially uses some guitar, simple drums and traded vocals (courtesy of Eagle/Deer) and the beautiful closer Little Feet draws you close with simple, hollow body chords before finishing you off with well placed flugelhorn. The songs probably shouldn’t be as enjoyable as they are, but Hill’s voice and emotion shines through, somehow making you feel lost in the city lights but secure with where you are at.

All too often artists flood the mix trying for something epic and larger than their situation and song writing ability allows. Hill, on the other hand prefers subtlety and it’s that discretion that makes his songs truly special and more than the sum of their parts.

MP3:: The Centre Piece - Ultra Neon Gold

MP3:: The Centre Piece - Little Feet

D/L:: Dedicated Records



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