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News:: Brockway Ent Presents: 2010 Canadian Rap Future Superstars

Listening to the 2010 Canadian Rap Compilation from Brockway Entertainment I realized something: during the last couple months of '09 I somehow stockpiled a ton of Canadian hip hop in my "ToDo" list that I really need to get posted. Some of which happens to be on this here compilation. So, you can consider this post an intro to a month that shall be filled with a ton of Canadian hip hop from your truly. Whether you want it or not.

However, back to the matter at hand. I believe this is the 3rd year I've posted on the annual Canadian Rap Future Superstars compilation put together by Brockway Biggs, aka Troy Neilson, and I'm happy to do so. It's tough business getting coverage as a Canadian hip hop artist (my current Can-hop backlog is a prime example), so when someone like Troy is putting so much effort into putting together and promoting a compilation like this, I'm happy to help spread the word. As usual, the compilation is available as a free download, and it features a host of talent from coast to coast:

1. Manafest (Toronto) - Free
2. Monark (Fredericton & Saint John) - Playground feat Phakt
3. Hellafactz (Halifax) - Thought Of U Featuring Yvette Jarvis & Michael Beals
4. Relic (Toronto) - Just The Day feat Saukrates
5. Drumbo (Def3 and Factor) (Regina & Saskatoon) - Take Me Higher
6. Mantrakid (Comox, BC & Calgary) - My Calling
7. Ricca Razor Sharp (Calgary & Clarks Harbour, NS) - Rampage
8. Iron Lion (Calgary) - Take a Breather feat King Lou
9. Joe Buck (Halifax) - Who We Are feat Jay Bizzy
10. Cale Sampson (Toronto) - C-A-L-E
11. Chris Quotes (Toronto) - Where's the Cash At
12. Eye2Eye (Montreal) - Wing Man
13. KG (Ottawa) - Megatron
14. Solid Mas (Toronto) - Ridin Dirty feat Nova Kane & Priceless
15. RahZemos (Toronto) - Bad Apples
16. HeatWave (Vancouver) - Bills To Pay (CFRO 'Urban Renewal Project' Choice Pick)
17. Josh Martinez (Vancouver) - Responsibility feat Evil
18. Brass Tackz (Vancouver) - Broken Promises
19. Ghettosocks (Halifax) - R. Kelly's Ghostwriter Skit feat Jordan Croucher
20. Dan-e-o (Toronto) - Yesterday
21. Tru-Paz (Toronto) - My Lady
22. Empire ISIS (Montreal) - Four In The Morning
23. Shaun Boothe (Toronto) - Music Man feat Amanda Diva

The first half is definitely the stongest portion in my humble, but that may just be because I'm more familiar with the folks found there (Relic is one of those folks I've been meaning to post on), but Josh Martinez and Brass Tackz also give the back end some oomph. So download the compilation and start your 2010 with a full dose of Canadian hip hop. Or better yet, if you're an artist yourself, get in touch with Troy about getting included on next year's comp - via email (troy(at)brockwayent.com) or Sonicbids.

MP3:: Hellafactz - Thought Of U Featuring Yvette Jarvis & Michael Beals

MP3:: Def3 and Factor - Take Me Higher

MP3:: Chris Quotes - Where's the Cash At

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