Sunday, January 24, 2010

News:: Crunk is Back

We haven't done any football-related posts this year, which is kind of rare for us, because after Hall & Oates, football is perhaps the thing that the Ack and I discuss most. Oh, well that our usual "We're so awesome, why don't we get more hits, why don't people love us!!!" pity parties, but that's neither here nor there really.

Anyway, it's usually the Ack's Steelers that we're talking about at this time of year, but tonight my Saints are playing the Vikes in the NFC title game. And no, I'm not hoping on the bandwagon, as I've been a proud member of the Who Dat Nation (cringe) since junior high - I'm the proud owner of an authentic, Pat Swilling-autographed Saints helmet for cripes sake!

So anyway, I thought I'd chuck up a post with their un-official anthem, The Ying Yang Twins Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk), to help get everyone hyped for the game. I know what you're thinking "the Ying Yang Twins, awesome", but compared to the "fight" song Prince wrote for the Vikings, it's incredibly awesome.

So c'maaan Drew & Co., get crunk and beat the Favre. Go Saints!

MP3:: Ying Yang Twins - Halftime (Stand Up & Get Crunk)

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