Old School Mondays:: Greetings 2010 Edition

Well now, since I took myself a nice little blog break over the holidays, this is my first opportunity to wish you all the happiest of happy new yearseses. So I shall, and I’ll also ease my self back into the posting game with a song-heavy, yet ramble-light OSM featuring some of the better jams from 1990, which is, unless my suspect math skills fail me, 20 years ago now.

Hey now, 20 years, that is something. I would have been mid-way through grade 10, and certainly looking awkward whilst sporting some Starter sports-related gear. The Ack would have been Polo & Deck-shoe’d out, whilst sporting a part you could Ginsu a tin-can with. That’s just how we rolled, and if you are as old as us, you likely also cringe a little looking back, but also hopefully you smile a bit and think back on that time fondly, as we mostly do. So yes, here are some great songs from ’90 that haven’t gotten too much run on the hill. The original Gold Digger, the amazing Just To Get A Rep, Ruff Rhyme from the eternally under-appreciated King Tee, some classic PE, and the amazing Looking At The Front Door. Great stuff from 1990, hopefully 2010 holds the same in it’s own way.

Oh, and I forgot until just now that Guru was rocking a Saints hat on that Step Into The Arena cover. That is awesome. Perhaps a sign that the stars are in fact aligned for a deep Saints playoff run? One can only hope. Let’s go Saints.

MP3:: EPMD - Gold Digger

MP3:: Gang Starr - Just To Get A Rep

MP3:: King Tee - Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)

MP3:: Public Enemy - Brothers Gonna Work It Out

MP3:: Main Source - Looking At The Front Door

VIDEO:: EPMD - Gold Digger

VIDEO:: Gang Starr - Just To Get a Rep

VIDEO:: King Tee - Ruff Rhyme (Back Again)

VIDEO:: Main Source - Looking At The Front Door

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