Thursday, January 21, 2010

Quick Hitters:: More Sleepless Nights!

Hopefully you caught my post from October about the Sleepless Nights and their plan to give away 3 EPs in a nine month span, but even if you didn't, there's no need to despair, I can get you up to speed rather quickly. The first EP in the series was King Diamond, and you can get it here. The latest one is called The Phone Booth Outside The Video Store and it is now available here.

I know what you're thinking now though, the contrary little dickens that you are, you're wondering why you should bother checking out the Sleepless Nights, despite their free EP-age. Well, band has gone through it's fair share of members in the past, but it's now solidified into a lineup of A.A. Wallace, Jeff Pineau, Trevor Murphy, and Josh Pothier, and they're playing as catchy a brand of the indie rock & roll as you'll find anywhere. Don't just take my word for it though, my 3 year old son and I were rocking out to the guitar & synth-propelled Everybody's Dancing in the car this morning, and when I asked him if he liked the song he gave me an enthusiastic "Yes!".

As catchy as the Sleepless Nights can be, I like the fact that they're showing a bit of a different side on this EP, as the middle two songs are a definite change of pace with the instrumental Politic Part II and the contemplative You Don't Anymore show the still-heavy, yet more reserved side of the fun-loving foursome. But never fear, the synths and the scenester-slaying sarcasm get turned back up to 10 for the enjoyable closer Politic Part I. Might the Sleepless Nights be the current holders of my much-coveted "Favourite Halifax band of the Moment" title? I think they may.

Good news, if you live in the eastern portion of Canada (and not just Upper Canadian Eastern!), you will be able to find out in short order if the Sleepless Nights are also your favourite Halifax band of the moment. Behold:

HALIFAX, NS: Gus' Pub w/ Hamilton Trading Co. & Doug Mason, Jan. 28
FREDERICTON, NB: Capital w/ Wooden Sky & Hamilton Trading Co., Jan. 29
SACKVILLE, NB: George's Roadhouse w/ Wooden Sky, Jan. 30
ST. JOHN, NB: Blue Olive w/ Hamilton Trading Co., Jan. 31
OTTAWA, ON: Zaphod's w/ Hamilton Trading Co., Feb. 1
KINGSTON, ON: The Mansion w/ Hamilton Trading Co., Feb. 2
WATERLOO, ON: Maxwell's House w/ Diableros, Feb. 3
GUELPH, ON: Jimmy Jazz w/ Diableros, Feb. 4
BAYFIELD, ON: Black Dog w/ Diableros, Feb. 5
HAMILTON, ON: The Absinthe w/ The Hamilton Trading Company and Pneumatic Transit, Feb. 6
TORONTO, ON: The Boat w/ Hamilton Trading Co., Feb. 7
MONTREAL, QC: Green Room w/ Hamilton Trading Co., Feb. 9

MP3:: Sleepless Nights - Everybody's Dancing

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