Quick Hitters:: Pathological Lovers Calling All Favours

If Newfoundland’s Pathological Lovers were looking for a slogan, I’d suggest something like, “real rock from the rock.” It may be oversimplifying their sound, but even if you only listen to a few chords from any song, you instantly know the explosive four-piece from St; John’s plugs in and rocks. Calling All Favours finds the band putting their foot on the gas as soon as the opening 6-minute epic (Arrows of Stone) starts and refusing to let up. They bring an energy and a tackle box full of hooks that makes the almost 60-minute run time fly by.

Lately, the music scene seems to have shifted away from bar room rock that makes you feel alive to more hushed, artistic efforts. Introverted performers have taken over, leaving dynamic front men like Jody Richardson as the outliers, but when the band hits their stride - like they do an the propulsive Wednesday and the dynamite 101 Fictions - you feel those nostalgic pangs in your heart, longing for a time where going to a show was memorable or turning up songs in your car didn’t make you feel like a douchebag. The charisma and energy that crackles through on the sure fire CBC3 hits Storm Your Little and rockers like Wednesday make you feel like you are in the studio with them as they record the tracks and if they can even come close to matching that electricity these guys are set to become the next big band to leave Newfoundland for bigger stages and crowds.

MP3:: Pathological Lovers - Storm Your Little
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