Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dog is Blue:: It Happens in Florida

Dog is Blue

Love; as far as pop songs go, pining over the perfect partner is glorified no matter how heartbreaking the end results actually are. For The Burning Hell's Mathias Kom, It Happens in Florida - a track from his terrific debut LP - shows that the shine of love has long been tarnished. The grandiose visions and hope of new love have been replaced by reality, and Kom draws strength from that. His simple strums and witty similes grow into a surging choral swell as Kom dares love to do it's worst, producing an unexpected anthem that even Pat Benatar could get behind.

When placed in the hands (and voices) of the playful Toronto duo, Dog is Blue, the mood of the song changes. Kom's Cohen-esque croon becomes an almost tongue in cheek take on the pains of love that is bound to surface when the studio you share with your band mate is also the the apartment you share with her. You can't help but picture Paul Watson and Laura Heaney trading smiles as they trade vocals. Synths and drums take the sting out of Kom's words and replace the mood with a surprising, albeit very enjoyable lightness (when Heaney takes the vocals and sings over Paul's funky blasts you can't help but nod along) . They may not share Kom's take on love, but they certainly respect his music and this tribute to one of Can-indie's most overlooked talents proves that.

You can pick up the entire EP - one new song, three covers and a remix - for the low, low price of $2.22 and sleep better knowing the profits go directly to the Daily Bread food bank.

MP3:: Dog is Blue - It Happens in Florida
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At 11:47 AM, Anonymous Dr. Thropplenoggin did sayeth:

Dear Sirs,

I am much obliged to you for having discovered this delightful ditty through your digital palimpsest (and fellow melody monger aggregator, The Hype Machine).

Keep up the Huzzizzle!some work.

More felicity anon,

Dr. Thropplenoggin


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