It’s February, which is Black History Month in North America, but here in Nova Scotia the official name is African Heritage Month, and so I figured it makes sense to use that title for this post. It’s a good fit for OSM, because not only are there plenty of awesome “conscious”, old school songs that are perfect for this post, but also because, even though many folks outside the province might not know it, people of African descent have an incredibly rich history here in Nova Scotia.

It’s a shame there aren’t too many old school Canadian hip hop jams that fit the bill for this kind of post (I’ll ask this again, but if anyone has an mp3 of Devon’s Mr. Metro, you NEED to send it our way), but there is certainly one perfect one: Maestro’s Nothing At All. What other song schooled folks on Canadian olympic boxer Egerton Marcus? That’s a great jam, and you have to love his Rocket Ismail Argos jersey in the video too. It only makes sense to follow that up with a song Maestro mentions, Tragedy’s Black And Proud, which is really under-appreciated I think.

This kind of post has to have some PE in it if I’m doing it, and so I went with something I don’t think I’ve posted before: Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man) from Bumrush The Show. To wrap things up, we have to have something from the Teacha, and I can’t think of anything better than You Must Learn, which runs down some Black history in the most entertaining fashion I can think of. Plus, the Live From Caucus Mountains Extended Remix is also perhaps one of my favorite songs ever, and so, it’s a must. What better way to wrap things up than with the KRS-helmed Stop The Violence Movement? I can’t think of one, so if you’ve never seen this classic video, do so below immediately.

So, enjoy these songs, but learn something this month as well.

MP3:: Maestro Fresh Wes - Nothin’ At All

MP3:: Intelligent Hoodlum - Black And Proud

MP3:: Public Enemy - Rightstarter (Message to a Black Man)

MP3:: BDP - You Must Learn (Live From Caucus Mountains Extended Remix)

MP3:: Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction (Extended Mix)

VIDEO:: Maestro Fresh Wes - Nothing At All

VIDEO:: Boogie Down Productions - You Must Learn

Stop The Violence Movement - Self Destruction