The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus

The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus

If you are, like myself, a fan of both Buck 65 and D-Sisive, the news of their forthcoming partnership, The Ricardo Christoff Apparatus was likely met by much rejoicing. In my case, these two likely occupy spots 1 & 2 on the “Canadian hip hop dudes Shane has blogged about most” (go ahead, enter either in the search box over there, and you’ll get plenty results), and I have no doubt there are tons of other folks across the country who are just as excited. Sure, we had a taste of what could be accomplished by this duo on The Superbowl Is Over from D’s Let The Children Die, or even on Classified’s Loonie, but now these Can-rap powerhouses are teaming up for a project called 100 Story Building.

We re looking for stories. Tell us a story about a person you know - a friend, a relative, a love interest, a co-worker, a roommate The story should be funny, strange, tragic, inspiring, epic or all of the above. We ll pick a bunch of the best stories and turn them into songs. That s it! Be sure to tell us the name of the person the story is about, because that will be the title of the song. Instant immortalization!

Now if you consider the lyrical and storytelling skill of these two fine gentlemen, then one would think your stories are going to be in safe hands. So what are you waiting for, send your story to on the double.

And now, to celebrate this historic partnership, the two most awkwardly-related songs I could think of to accompany this post: D-Sisive doing a Poison cover, and a Stinkin’ Rich song. Enjoy!

MP3:: Stinkin’ Rich - Three Up, Three Down

MP3:: D-Sisive - Every Rose Has Its Thorn



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