Thursday, March 25, 2010

Video Hits:: The Wheat Pool, Dog Day, Vangel, Ruth Minnikin & Amelia Curran

Thursday is here, so it's time once again to fire up our favorite semi-regular fourth-day feature: Video Hits. Last time out I talked about doing an all-female version of our clip show, but unfortunately I don't have enough content to make that happen. But I didn't want to wait, so I've hooked up an eclectic selection that closes with two strong women from out this way.

Like any and all rap groups from their hometown of Edmonton, The Wheat Pool gets a hearty thumbs-up from the hill. Hauntario is full of good songs, but I think Lefty takes the cake in my humble, so I was happy to put up the video. Local stalwarts Dog Day are quietly one of the best bands Halifax has produced in quite some time, so any new content from them is always welcome - and this self-made clip for Stray from Concentration is no exception. Vangel is a Toronto producer with an interesting take on electronic music that mixes big drum tracks with live instruments of various types. I posted on his last release Biblio a year ago, and receiving his video for MoneyMoney made me dig it out again for another listen.

To finish strong, we've got videos from two of Halifax's finest musicians. Ruth Minnikin is a hill fave, as Ack's review for her latest effort Depend On This clearly shows, and so, even though the living straw men in her new video for that album's self-titled track kind of freak me out, we're still happy to put up the vid. Last but not least, we have a live vid of Amelia Curran performing The Mistress from her last album Hunter Hunter. Seriously, if you want to know who in Halifax can really write a song, you might want to start with Amelia. Enjoy!

The Wheat Pool - Lefty

MP3:: The Wheat Pool - This Is It

Dog Day - Stray

MP3:: Dog Day - Rome

Vangel - MoneyMoney

MP3:: Vangel - Cold Rain

Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - Depend On This

MP3:: Ruth Minnikin - Four Churches II

Amelia Curran - The Mistress (Live)

MP3:: Amelia Curran - The Mistress

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