Friday, April 2, 2010

Concert:: Catriona Sturton & Ruth Minnikin @ The Company House

In an odd way, it's fitting that Catriona Sturton and Ruth Minnikin are playing a show here in Halifax @ The Company House on April 8th. You see, that's my birthday and as we all get older, it becomes more and more tempting to turn back time, rehash the past and get nostalgic over bands that helped shape our young musical personalities, especially since both Ruth and Catriona were fixtures in the Halifax scene in the late 90's.

Thankfully, both Catriona and Ruth's songs have grown with them over the last 10+ years and instead of leaving me pining for a Plumtree - even after seeing Scott Pilgram is being made into a film - or a Booming Airplanes/Blinkers/Guthries reunion (ed. note: I would happily show up for each and every one of those bands if they did happen to reunite), I'm happy knowing that both woman have moved forward as solo artists and are still delivering quality music.

I've already gushed about Ruth's latest effort (honestly, Depend on This was as creative as it was enjoyable, so hopefully Halifax stops sleeping on Ruth soon) but I wasn't sure what to expect from Catriona when she sent over a sneak preview of her new sound. Stripped down and honest, Wheel of Fortune is one of those songs that is more than the sum of its parts. Not even three-minutes, the song uses subtle harmonies to warm your ear but little else outside of her finger work and vocals. Hearing her fingers squeak along the fret board is comforting and oddly inviting.

I'm probably one of the few, but I'm quite happy to leave sweaty, all-ages shows and high school in the past, kept alive by fond memories that no one should ever want to revisit or relive. With new music from artists like Catriona and Ruth, it's easy to keep looking forward and growing older without letting go of a passion that is unique to music fans. So go spend your Thursday surrounded by good people and good music; it's one of the few things you will never grow tired of.

MP3:: Catriona Sturton - Wheel of Fortune

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