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Last year, Rae Spoon surprised everyone with an unexpected project that melded his guitar, vocals and new found love of electronics with the atmospheric textures of soundman/artist Alex Decoupigny (review). The shift in sound was yet another away from the standard country tinged sounds Rae had used in the past and it worked so well that it’s not surprising that this time around Rae continued that progression.

Working with CPI, the duo transforms the soaring anthem Come On Forest Fire, Burn the Disco Down into a - ironically - more club ready jam. Remarkably, this latest shift seems completely natural as they manage to keep the heart of the song in tact. The song is still built on the hand claps and melody, but by adding some echo-y reverb and energy Rae and CPI get us to shake our asses instead of our raised fists.

The second track, There Is A Light, But It’s Not For Everyone, is a show only gem, that the duo gives new life. Benefiting form a deep bass kick and subtle quick moving blips and bleeps this song seems intimate even with the all the programming. Hearing Rae sing about visiting the homelands of some of the biggest music legends (Leonard Cohen, Kraftwerk, Morrissey) and taking the position of a fan feels like Rae is reaching out his hand to the fans, moving amongst them instead of singing to them. I’m not sure it would work for everyone, but for someone that probably spent a lot of his life on the outside, that desire to include everyone in his love of music fits perfectly.

I know it’s only two songs, but once again Rae exposes a trust in his musical growth. You could give the credit to touring non stop or a change in location, but really it seems like Rae has found peace in not only where he is, but who he is. The result is a confidence that has been growing since the the release of superioryouareinferior, and pushes Rae into new musical territory that works very well for him. He can crank out a heavy riff, show restraint with an intimate arrangement or move around intricate programming and tempo changes nicely. Basically, in just over a year, Rae Spoon has proven that he’s able to hook you with any emotion or sound. Hopefully that means the next album will find the balance between all the new styles he’s experimenting with and result in a record even better.

MP3:: Rae Spoon - Come On Forest Fire Burn The Disco Down (CPI Remix)

MP3:: Rae Spoon - There is a light, but it’s not for everyone

WEB:: http://raespoon.com/
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