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It’s no secret that an insane amount of elements need to align properly to propel a singer/songwriter into the next level of the stratosphere. Melodies, hooks, and sing-along choruses are vital, but far from the only things that matter. Instead of allowing our rock icons to float above us, we want them to walk among us with a smile. Gone are the days when style and arrogance are accepted; now it’s a tireless work ethic and a genuine likability that help artists succeed in today’s blue collar music industry.


In the last year and a half, we’ve seen Vancouver’s Dan Mangan rise from peasant to king on the strength of an album full of witty insights cased in fleshed out arrangements and the unique ability to make each and every fan (well, except maybe one of my fellow Polaris jurors) feel like a close personal friend. With the release of This is Good, Vancouver’s Hannah Georgas is getting ready to claim her spot next to Dan on the throne of indie music royalty using much the same skill set. At the tender age of 26, the young song writer has been featured on countless TV shows, caught the ear of some of pop’s biggest names and managed to handle the pressure of being dubbed the next-big-thing (or the next Feist) with a genuine humility. Instead of wanting to push her down, you feel the urge to hoist Georgas higher and sing-along with her at the top of your lungs.


With a down to earth charm, a sassy streak and a smile, Hannah whips through some crisp pop tunes that weave nicely thanks to driving drums, interesting textures (the strings that contrast the punchy hook of Chit Chat, the 50′s jazz arrangement of the closer Something For You, the banjo on the drum heavy and hand clap laced The Deep End) and pacing, and a keen eye. Even when she exposes a sharp tongue (Thick Skin, and the teenage girl, shout along ready Bang Bang Your Dead), Hannah makes sure emotion doesn’t add too much weight to the experience. It’s a record that can be enjoyed by people of any age because as accessible as the songs are, they never cater to a formula or genre. Bottom line, This is Good - and I’ll avoid the obvious puns the record will be saddled with - is fun, showcases Georgas’ vocal talent and offers the listener depth without ever taking itself too seriously. I get the feeling you walk away after even the briefest of conversations with the young Ms. Georgas feeling the exact same way and that’s why we all want to keep listening.


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Hannah Georgas - Chit Chat



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