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It’s hard not to be skeptical when you hear people talk about Victoria’s Jon and Roy. A few years ago, Jack Johnson and his Brushfire crew started dominating popular radio and selling out shows with people lining up to hear ear pleasing acoustic funk, folk and reggae fused into a highly addictive sing-alongs. Since that time, the number of people trying to cash in on the sames styles has increased exponentially, leaving you to question the authenticity of any of the acts.


But the thing is, Jon and Roy bring something fresh and unique to the sound. After growing up in Victoria, home to one of the best surfing locations in Canada, the trio has an ingrained appreciation of the bongos, acoustic melodies, reggae and even G-Love styled raps, but Homes finds the band (with important contributions from Ryan on bass) building off of the beach friendly vibe with bigger sounds and a purely Canadian spin. Balancing keep time drums, hand percussion and heavy plucked bass lines with interesting fiddle/violins to forge relaxed melodies for Jon to sing or rap over, even as the album begins to slow down (14 songs and a whopping 50 minutes) there are more than enough highlights and smiles keep you listening.


It’s easy to assume that Jon and Roy are musicians cashing in on the pseudo surf vibe we all take from movies and festivals and the bands that soundtrack them, but the more you listen the more you realize the search for some sort of Endless Summer isn’t the band’s ultimate goal. Homes isn’t looking to transport you to a tropical island; no, with violins that dominate the spirited rootsy folk single, Boon Helm and tip of the cap to Neil Young (Gold), the trio is simply looking to help any Canadian enjoy each and every summer night, whether you are trapped in a city or relaxing on the coasts. With such a simple and selfless goal, it’s hard to find fault in the results.


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Jon and Roy - Boon Helm

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