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At least I always had a home.


For Scott Walker, those seven words are a call to action, even if they are an unrealistic one. Shackled by a real estate market that prompts people to build facebook apps making you guess if a house is used for crack sales or a dilapidated house that costs a family millions of dollars to live in, Walker simply want what we all want. A home. A life. Stability.


Sadly, each and every month that dream becomes harder to achieve.


With such a bleak outlook, it’s not surprising that a band like Vancouver’s The Salteens would get back together after almost a decade in musical purgatory. Starts and stops ended up causing frustration after a critically praised debut record, but as songs leaked out from the band over the last few years it was obvious Scott and Carrie still had the chops to write crisp, summery pop hooks and enough friends to fill out the riffs with booming horn work. This time around however, they had something they needed to get off their collective chests.


Moths is a collection of snappy pop nuggets built on Carrie & Scott’s vocal dynamics, piano and guitar but no matter how warm and sunny the sounds are, the foundation is riddled with sadness and frustration.  Even as the horns, banged out piano notes and harmonies of Sunnyside Street bring a smile to your face, you can’t forget the reality of the world we live in.


The press release for this release says Moths is full of protest songs, and the infectious, hand clap and horn laced Hallowed Ways and surging We Can Go On certainly try to rally the troops but personally, I don’t think wanting the things our parents had is protesting; it’s simply asking for what we were promised. Instead of dreaming of a better life, sadly, Scott sums up our generation when he screams “all we want is what you’ve got.” It wasn’t supposed to be this way, and no matter how many smiles we put on and how often we try to dance our troubles away, the sad truth is hard to ignore.


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The Salteens - Hallowed Ways

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