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The Communication Barrier

As you may know, the Halifax rock machine known as the Sleepless Nights have been releasing a series of free EP’s on their website over the last 6 or 7 months. I was certainly a fan of EP’s 1 (King Diamond) and 2 (The Phone Booth Outside the Video Store), but the 3rd installment is out (You can get it from their site, or uh, you know, down below) and it’s a different beast altogether.


The Communication Barrier is a fitting finale to the series, an epic, 13 minute, one-song EP that finds the band at their most experimental. Described as “a pet-project the band has been working on for several years, originating in the era when the band was a seven-person ensemble”, the song begins with atmospheric static and found-sound samples, before A.A. Wallace’s measured vocals kick in and are soon joined but drum-led instrumentation that kicks the tempo up a notch. The song finishes with some more atmospheric sounds and some samples of kids outdoors playing. It’s an ambitious song that sounds great in it’s current mp3′d format, but it would be fun to see them try to pull it off live.


Lucky for you, they are beginning their Men With Ven tour of Eastern Canada with Myles Deck & The Fuzz in a few short days:

22 May 2010 20:00 House Show Moncton, NB
23 May 2010 20:00 raw sugar Ottawa, ON
25 May 2010 20:00 Black Shire Pub London, ON
27 May 2010 20:00 Red Dog Peterborough, ON
28 May 2010 20:00 Marcello’s Toronto, ON
29 May 2010 20:00 The Silver Dollar Toronto, ON
31 May 2010 20:00 Trepid House Waterloo, ON
 1 Jun 2010 20:00 The Ship Hamilton, ON
 3 Jun 2010 20:00 The Green Room Montreal, QC
 4 Jun 2010 20:00 The Capital Fredericton, NB
 5 Jun 2010 20:00 The Seahorse Halifax, NS


So get out and see them, and thank them for all the great free music while you’re at it.

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MP3:: Sleepless Nights - The Communication Barrier

MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/thesleeplessnights

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