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The evolution of blogs has unfortunately led to tendency to focus on the safe musicians that everyone has already got on board with. Within a few hours of the release, people assumed the new BSS record was amazing because a few people said it was, and just as quickly moved on to something as if the lights came on to tell us that the dance was over.


Honest, negative critiques have been replaced by hyperbole laced press quotes and a fear of stepping out of line with the general mindset of music reviewers. As music has become more disposable, the term taste maker has slowly, but certainly, evolved into taste aggregator and sitting down with a challenging record is somehow no longer worth the effort. When we have access to hundreds of records from new artist with the simple click of a button, why bother wasting time on something that may or may not be great? Sadly, that question is pushing bands away from genius and more towards immediacy.


Obviously some records jump out the speakers and hook you and that’s great, but it seems that we have given up on artists that take the risk to create genius, game-changing music and open themselves up for epic failure. People are afraid of music they just don’t get, and don’t have the patience to keep digging. If songs don’t sound good, it’s too easy - and too accepted - to hit >> or ctrl + shift + delete or post it with some halfhearted, “it sounds like x,y & z.”


That’s why a band like Long, Long, Long is so exciting. It’s no secret that most of the people that digest music online have nothing better to do than waste our time discussing how other people waste theirs. If that’s the case, that discussion better be a debate worth having. Call it the recklessness or even naivety of youth, but this group of young Haligonians is determined to break through barriers, avoid standard melodies and influences and honestly try to make their own sound. As guitars shlonk out of place and noises and samples disjoint serene calms Long, Long, Long really challenge you to keep listening through the meanders, tangents, and experimentation that threaten to derail each and every song.


Songs like Joseph Just Walked By start from the humblest of beginnings; simple guitar and distant vocals, but the quartet slowly and confidently add chaos, quirks and confusion with start and stop explosions of sound. Plinked out toy piano notes and horns that border on being lost keep you unsettled, but the band pulls back and reigns you in before running wild again. Odd sped up spoken word contrasts and clouds the warm, summery opening of Thoughts on Declaring Victory over The Sun and blasts of sound disrupt the surge of Judy Chicago, but somehow the band keeps it all together and moving forward. Even the most beautiful moments on the record - like the vocals on Tell Me It Isn’t Your Blood - are constantly fighting for attention, like moments of clarity clouded by layers and distortion.


Make no mistake, even though this record seems all over the map and spasmatic the young men writing the songs put thought into the outcome and have a vision. So many bands out there are trying hard to sound like The National or surf the next chill wave heading to shore, and it’s refreshing to find a band willing to swim against the current, challenging the surf to push them back. Will you like it? I have no idea but I fucking love it and will tell anyone willing to listen why.


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MP3:: Long, Long, Long - Joseph Just Walked By




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dp May 15th, 2010 at 1:11 am

spasmatic & shlonk … nice

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xach June 14th, 2010 at 4:18 am

Very well said. I need to see these guys!


nick November 5th, 2010 at 1:39 am

Long Long Long !!!!
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