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Technically, I know Toronto’s Flash Lightnin’ aren’t on the NXNE bill, but those smart enough to buy a wristband can head over to the Toronto Island Concert to see BSS, Pavement, Beach House, Band of Horses, Timber Timbre festivus and only have to fork out ferry tolls. So what does that have to do with Flash Lightnin’? Well the trio is doing some sort of revue with retro revivalists Zeus and the delightful country stylings of The Beauties. I’m not sure how the three bands are going to interact, but with that much energy and talent, I do know it will be worth showing up early kids.


Flash Lightnin’ has made quite an impact on the local scene in the last 2 years. With a reputation born from a smoking residency at The Dakota, the band caught the eye and ear of Canadian music royalty. Notable names like Ron Sexsmith, Jimmy Shaw, and Ian D’sa were blown away by their intense mix of rock and metal riffs, and I think that’s because unlike novelty acts like The Darkness, there is no hint of irony or kitsch hidden in the songs. The huge riffs just seem to be part of the band’s DNA and even though I’ve never met any of them I’d bet money that they’ve all had at least one of those crazy Bill and Ted style angular guitars and a collection of metal tapes that would make my brother-in-law blush.


I can’t think of a better way to hook a listener than the rumbling drums, heavy guitar, and growling that explode out of the speakers to kick off the record. In just over three and a half minutes, you quickly realize that Flash Lightnin’ is the real deal and that freedom and energy flows nicely into jams like “Rock n’ Roll” is addictive. If the band’s residency and EP were a sign of promise, the self-titled debut is that realization of all that potential other artists saw in them. Almost every song forces you to roll down the windows and crank up the car stereo, but the trio has no problem changing styles and get you shaking to some Southern rock rockers like “You Gotta Mouth” or delivering the swagger that most rockers left behind. The aptly titled “No Sympathy” channels Jagger and the Stones as does the infectious “Slow Death” and this debut confirms what the faithful Dakota patrons already knew; Flash Lightnin’ is badass.


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