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This is going to shock you, but the hill’s selection process as to what gets posted and what remains hidden away in the cyber cupboard is not exactly scientific - the Ack and I hardly ever even discuss what we’re putting up, as a kind of unspoken mind-meld around who’s doing what has developed over the years. A good case in point is Toronto’s All Day Driver. An email is received from the band relating the fact that they are a new band comprised of ex-St. John’sers, sounds worth a listen, a gmail star is applied, and they join a bunch of friends at the back of the hill queue.


However, once I found out that Rajiv Thavanathan is in the band, All Day Driver put on their signal and sped to the front of the line. Why you ask? Again, no science other than Rajiv is just a super nice dude, and his former band, Oh No Forest Fires was a hill favorite. For the record, I’m sure the rest of the dudes in All Day Driver are all super nice, they are Newfoundlanders after all who generally tend to be nice folks, but I’ve never met them. Anyway, I’m certainly glad I recognized someone in the band, because I think their debut EP is pretty great. There’s something really likable about the music made by this foursome - I can’t put my finger on what it is exactly, but it just feels like good, honest indie rock & roll made by friends, for their friends (and the rest of us!).


The tight drums, bouncy bass and pulsating melodies of the self-titled, opening track invites the listener to sing along, while the sunny, uptempo riffs and tailor-made for call and response choruses of Sea Diver will all but force any live audience to join in. There are plenty of other catchy songs packed into this six song EP, like the roots-rock-tinged I’m A Ghost, or the more classic guitar rock sounds of Smooth Operation. All Day Driver certainly have more to offer than just uptempo jams, as evidenced by the sweet sounds of Another Morning, which has kind of an alt-country swing that still retains plenty of sing-along-ability, and even manages to squeeze in some kind of xylo/vibra-phone solo near the end.


I’m not sure what the future holds for All Day Driver, but I’d certainly love to hear more material from them. For now though, you’d be wise to seek out their EP, as I’d wager it is music perfectly suited for your summer listening pleasure.

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MP3:: All Day Driver - Smooth Operation




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Chuck June 25th, 2010 at 1:23 pm

For what it’s worth, one guy on this recording (no longer with the band) isn’t from Newfoundland….but it’s still a really good record =)

Toshiba Driver June 25th, 2010 at 4:54 pm

good article,can’t hardly wait for more article.. thanks

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