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Against our better judgment, we are bringing you more Long Long Long. Not because the bad has slipped after the release of their killer self-titled debut or because they fail to live up to their pedigree (the work that 3/4 of the band delivered as York Redoubt was glorious and earned the band a spot at the herohill showcase at HPX last year). No, LLL is back and the quartet is as infectious as ever, but last time we talked about the band we started a movement that was the antithesis to what Tribe Called Quest offered up to the masses.


I’d love to pull a Dave Silver, start dropping philosophical references and stacking hundred dollar words together in a nonsensical manner to fit in with the message board haters, but the goal here is to get LLL heard and appreciated outside of the small but fiercely loyal fan base they already have. Thankfully, only months after the release of their debut, the noise-laden art-popping Haligonians are back with a quick hitting EP - Shorts - that expands on everything that made the debut LP so challenging and ultimately rewarding and sheds a little light on the direction that band is moving.


Shorts may only be four songs, but it finds the band combining even more experimental, free formed sounds. The obvious jump-off point is the critically acclaimed quirk-pop the Unicorns/Islands used to create. Moving without the safety net of redemptive choruses and sing-along ready “oohs” and “ahhs”, these songs are an auditory train wreck; a crashing impact of styles and sounds that leaves the listener fixated by the shocking beauty and poignancy. Make no mistake, hidden by blasts of noise and guitar are pop songs that shimmer like a sun-kissed lake. “Mennonite Men (& The Women Who Miss Them)” rambles forward, teetering on the tracks but refusing to get derailed. “Cuba Gooding Jr.” uses a simple distorted guitar riff to deliver a punchy melody that competes with with scratchy tones and thumping drums to become one of the most shocking summer additions to your must have BBQ play list.


Shorts is available for free on LLL’s bandcamp site, and I highly suggest you grab the goods before they’re gone. LLL seems determined to get every stream of quirky pop consciousness on record this year and if they successfully deliver on their 32-tape goal of 2010, like the band itself, you won’t have time to look back. On “Mandarin Collars With Women”, Long Long Long points out a philosophy that more bands should adhere to; “it’s not about being liked, NO! it’s about being respected.” If they keep making creative pop music like this, the two won’t be mutually exclusive.

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MP3:: Long Long Long - Cuba Gooding Jr.


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