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Sun Wizard

It’s tempting to lump any rock band into the classic rock revival that’s sweeping the indie nation lately. With bands like Zeus and Yukon Blonde delivering high quality records rich in autumnal colors, beautiful harmonies and classic influences, it’s hard for other acts to sound original.


What helps Vancouver’s Sun Wizard stand clear of those comparisons is the grit they add to the equation. Without a doubt, they love huge, shimmering riffs, but when Malcolm Jack jumps on the mic on the delightfully Strokes-y “Day In Day Out”, long drives along the scenic coast seem miles away. You still get hit with that summer sun, but it’s that exhausting heat that seeps out of the asphalt.


That sound - a fantastic mix of melody and sneers - the Vancouver quartet offers up helps them retreat to the freedom the 70′s provided musicians. I’m not talking about the love affair with psychedelics that is usually associated with the bands from that era. I’m not talking aboutflair pants, rose-coloured glasses and LCD. I’m talking about jeans, t-shirts, cold beers and throat burning shots. I’m talking about an era when rock stars wanted to play for thousands of people, hear their songs blasting on every radio and popularity and integrity weren’t mutually exclusive. I’m talking about a time when studio magic and wasn’t used as a crutch and bands loved playing live shows heavy on guitar work, sweat and sing-alongs.


It would be easy to sit here and toss out names like Tom Petty and Neil Young or try to paint some warm amber story of road trips and cottage parties. Instead, I’ll just tell you to listen to Sun Wizard while I’ll nod my head to “Glorious”, clap along to “You Had the Answer” and crank the shit out of “Maybe They Were Right” when the guitar work, tambourine and cowbell that explode out of the speakers.


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MP3:: Sun Wizard - Maybe They Were Right




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Alex June 6th, 2010 at 3:40 pm

Funny, I just saw these guys last night at Music Waste. Probably the only band I’ve ever seen with two leftie guitarists.

Like my friend Kyle said, “It almost makes me proud to be American.) (He’s Canadian.)

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