Over the next week as we lead up to the release of Steel City Trawler, we are going to pick Luke Doucet‘s brain about the subject matter and inspiration of his new songs. We’ll have a review and an exclusive MP3 on Tuesday when the record drops, but until then, we are giving Luke a bit of extra shine and inviting you to see how the man’s brain works. Oh, and in case you had doubt on the talent of the Doucet family, how about you listen to Luke and his daughter rip through a great version of “Jolene” and hold their own nicely.


Up first, we have a standout from the new record, the angst filled jam, Dusted. So, what inspired Luke on this one?

Dusted: Another existential labyrinth. Dust to dust. Stardust. Where do we come from? Why do we need to make up stories to fill the endless gaps in our understanding of who (& more importantly—why) we are. I don’t have answers. Clearly. But I do love the Pixies, who we ultimately robbed blind here. This was hard to put together in the studio. We stumbled between collegiate sounding faux Replacements & mall-rat “punk”. At the end of the day, it’s a rock & roll song with some of the same vitriol found in other corners of this record. Hamilton, Ontario inspires the questions for which there may not really be answers but the conversations need to be had. Under the glare of the media towns I have lived in (Toronto, Vancouver, Nashville), it’s easy to just remain drunkenly apathetic. The cities of my first 20 years of life (Halifax & Winnipeg) and of my current home (Hamilton) don’t offer any such smoke screens.

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MP3:: Luke Doucet & Chloe Doucet-Winkleman - Jolene (Dolly Parton)
BANDCAMP:: http://www.lukedoucet.com/