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In the immortal words of Robbie Alomar, “catch-a deee Taste.” Somehow, one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time is starting and ending their career tonight, with an actual “one night only” show here in the Fax. The Taste - a new super-group front by Daniel Girard of Their Majesties that features former Pinecones (including maple syrup entrepreneur Dave Ewenson) and current members of Long, Long, Long - recorded an EP and promptly decided to disband after their debut show tonight in Halifax.


Things can’t be helped - Daniel is moving to Toronto - but Lemons is a powerful look at what could have been. The five song collection will warm the cockles of any Supergrass fan. Not because of a similar sound - although The Taste certainly samples from the same stew - but because the band follows along the same casual, ramshackle path. Supergrass never took themselves seriously, and while that probably prevented them from becoming world famous Brit-pop sensations, it also kept their music fun and unpretentious.


The Taste is going to be compared to countless other peers - even on the East Coast we have Boxer the Horse and The Stance are occupying the same space - and because of their truncated lifespan and laissez faire attitude, they will never reach the level other bands might achieve. That being said, when we look back at this collection of songs, it’s going to leave devouted fans wondering “what if.”


From the swagger heavy groove of the opening track, “Jabberwocky” to the bar room plink of “Just About Time”, The Taste keeps things light and uncomplicated as they mix just enough of the grit and edge of classic 60′s garage acts with trippy psychedelics, smoothed out melodies and female harmonies. “Rust and Rot” floats along effortlessly as Eweson punctuates the melodies with well timed cymbal crashes and most importantly they band takes their tongues out of their cheeks, hides the sneer and shines smiles to anyone they pass.

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MP3:: The Taste - Jabberwocky



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