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As yer man Bill Shakes once asked “what’s in a name?”. In the case of a record title, it can be used to convey a great many things. In the case of Bravestation’s new EP, the utilitarian-ly named 2010 EP, it seems to me that the band simply wanted to plant a flag in the ground to let the world know where they are as a band right now. And where they are is a very good place, in my humble.


I posted on Bravestation’s debut EP last year, and I fumbled my way through a description of their sound with references to “tight grooves” and “80′s brit post-punk”. I think these were fair enough descriptors at the time, but it’s impressive to see how the band has progressed in the year-minus-a-bit that has passed since that EP. Certainly, the grooves are still plenty tight - led by excellent bass lines throughout the entire five song outing, seriously, can you beat a good bass line? I think the bass line might be underrated in 2010 - but things are much more melodic this time around.


Some credit for the new melodic sound must go to the vocal work of Devin Wilson, as it feels like he’s cut loose this time out, adding a hint of a falsetto warble to his delivery, and it works for me. Listening to the opening of the mesmerizing White Wolves I had to check and see I had the right album loaded up (and I mean that in a good way). The band experiments musically as well, as the rather light, synth-led Clocks & Spears and Outlines of Everyone sound different from anything on their debut, while still retaining catchy hooks. That catchiness oozes from uptempo numbers like Their Calling and Colour Us With Youth, both of which have been bouncing around the inside of my head for a couple days.


So then, if you’re one of those people who listens to recommendations from random quacks on the internet, go ahead and check out Bravestation. Their EP is easily one of my favorite releases from the summer so far, and I’m eagerly awaiting a full-length from these earnest young lads.

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MP3:: Bravestation - Their Calling

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