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Timing is everything. Plumtree was an East coast staple here during the mid to late 90′s, exploding onto the scene, winning a YTV award and eventually touring with heavyweights like Julie Doiron, Thrush Hermit, Jale and even The Weakerthans. For some reason though, even as we all wax nostalgic about the old days, the girls from Plumtree are often left out of the discussion.


Well, thanks to the release of the Plumtree inspired graphic novel/movie adaption of Scott Pilgrim - how many kids have hit up Google after seeing supernerd Michael Cera rocking a Plumtree shirt in the trailer? - and a well timed tribute record from the good people at Gooseberry records, hopefully their back catalog will be revisited.


Gooseberry has been single handedly keeping the 90′s Hali scene alive and with the release of I’ve Liked You For 1000 Years, I’m thinking people will fall in love with Plumtree all over again. Even if you never heard the girl rock out, hearing artists like Woodpigeon, Hotkid (I love their take on “Why Won’t You Stop”), Mushkat, and even one of the Gillis sisters’ new band Bells Clanging reworking some of the classic (although, I am shocked no one touched Tropical?) and some of the under appreciated gems is worth the cost of a download. So while you wait for the record to be up for grabs, take a listen to Mark Hamilton‘s take on “I Love U When You’re Walkin’ Away.”

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MP3:: Woodpigeon - I Love U When You’re Walkin’ Away
WEB:: http://www.plumtree.ca/

And just because the video is awesome, here’s Scott Pilgrim.



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Robature August 12th, 2010 at 12:59 pm

HotKid can be found at HotKid.ca


A† August 19th, 2010 at 11:11 am

Arctique Circles’ cover of “Thrilled to be Here” can be heard @ http://www.myspace.com/arctiquecircles

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