Reminder:: Boxer the Horse & Milks and Rectangles @ The Seahorse tonight

Chalk this up to a shitty week of chaos (and K-os), but I completey balked on posting the contest we had planned for tonight’s Milks & Rectangles, Boxer the Horse, and Quivers show @ The Seahorse. My bad, but seriously you get what you pay for around here I guess.


My absentmindedness shouldn’t affect your decision to go see two of the Island’s best bands. The new LP from Boxer the Horse shows the band finding a happy middle ground between Pavement and the Kinks, but also a more depressed, hungover “Lost Weekend” melancholic reflection. It’s a record that doesn’t jump out of the speakers quite like their debut, but shows a consistency and talent that explains why the band is getting praise across the country.


Milks & Rectangles is a band the hill has been fond of - case in point 1 & 2 - but I really think the band is improving with each effort. Leaving most of their across the pond, Ferdinand style stompers in the past, Troubleshooters finds the band discovering their true voice and writing songs perfectly suited to the smaller venues they are playing.


I’m new to Quivers, but chances are if the bands picked them to join the bill, their 70′s proto-punk styles will definitely get you moving and ready for the two headliners. The show gets underway tonight at 10PM and costs a mere $8. Get after it people!

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MP3:: Boxer the Horse - Mary Meets the Pilot



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