Between the Covers:: Teen Daze vs. Japandroids

Continuing our steadfast mission of loving Japandroids more than any other blog (now that Quinn at From Blown Speakers has called it quits), it’s almost impossible not to let you in on the goodness that is Teen Daze covering Japandroids. The Vancouver chill-waver is getting noticed for some solid work - pitchfork review, remixing some big name artists - but for me, the gateway is this “more fun than it has any right to be” take on “Wet Hair.”


The echo filled vocals, pulsing beat and synths still keep the urgency of the original but they way they turn the head bang into a head nod is remarkable. It’s a pleasant bliss, one that almost demands you close your eyes and smile as the electronic waves flow over you. I’m not sure Brian and David could envision their anthem treated this way, but the playfulness of the song certainly triggers the same nostalgia of youth and is one you should be listening to right now.

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MP3:: Teen Daze - Wet Hair (Japandroids cover)


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Alex September 7th, 2010 at 7:10 pm

This is ****ing outstanding.

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