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Oh my, where does the time go? Seems like only a couple weeks ago that I was planning to post on Toronto MC Arabesque‘s latest release, Nuclear Ambition, but a quick check tells me it was actually June when I received the album. Ugh, I’m certainly busy, but there’s no excuse for that kind of delay, especially when ‘Besque has a solid album/EP on offer like this. It sounds great and it offers a different viewpoint than today’s average MC; something you can’t discount when everyone coming out is claiming to be original, but they all blend into 2 or 3 rapper archetypes. A Palestinian-Canadian Rapper with a tight flow and wicked sense of humour doesn’t fit any archetype I know of.


Anyway, as I said, Nuclear Ambition is top notch, and I’d like you to listen to it, so here are 3 reasons you should do exactly that.


1. Charisma. This is something I’ve talked about in the past, and it’s hard to define exactly what it is that makes an MC charismatic, but Arabesque has it in abundance. He’s not the most complex rapper I’ve ever heard, but he puts together well, and brings a contagious energy to every song. As a result, pretty much every song he does grabs your attention, and Nuclear Ambition is no exception.


2. Old School Lyricism. Now I don’t mean inserting Melle Mel-esque hu-hu-hu-HA’s into his songs, but Arabesque is a throwback in that he writes songs about topics other than the current standard theme of how awesome you are (which is a traditional hip hop meme to be sure, but when no one outside of your myspace friends has ever heard of you, it’s time to chillax). So whether he’s doing a GZA-esque take on the topical theme of shady financial institutions (Devils Deposit), railing against the suckiness of the 9-5 grind (Blue), telling tales about the challenges faced by those who come to North America seeking a new life (Understand), or even rapping about 80′s TV (Three’s Company which features TO buzz-worthy singer Maylee Todd), ‘Besque can add some substance to your daily hip hop regimen.


3. Great Production. Nuclear Ambition sounds great from top to bottom, thanks in part to the stellar production it features. Anonymous Twist only does a couple songs (Understand and Devils Deposit), but they are both great, especially Understand, which is a smoothed out banger for certain. Really, check out the song or the video below and if that one doesn’t have you doing the head-nod or a little chair dance, then I’ll eat the Ack’s fancy hat. Other folks do some fine work as well, like the awesomely-named Chunksahoy, who contributes the excellent Blue, among others.


So there are your reasons, now go check out Arabesque for yourself.


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MP3:: Arabesque - Understand

MYSPACE:: www.myspace.com/besque

VIDEO:: Arabesque - Understand



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2 Responses to “3 Things:: Arabesque - Nuclear Ambition”

Raz September 2nd, 2010 at 9:10 am

Besque is a beast

Shay Jon September 11th, 2010 at 4:11 pm

Word. Never heard of this cat up until a week ago. They had free copies of this joint at Fat Beats NY closing, dope album.

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