Twin Peaks


You’re looking for some Friday fun are you? Well how about taking two of the best, and perhaps most underrated, MC’s that Canada currently has to offer, and pair them up in a project that not only finds the two of them kicking incredibly clever skeeze-chasing raps (word to Heavy D) over mellow, 90′s-inspired beats, and while you’re at it, give the project a title that ostensibly references an iconic 90′s TV show, but could also be a wink-wink-nudge-nudge reference for breasteses.


Twin Peaks has all of that and more. The combo of Halifax’s Ghettosocks, and TO’s Muneshine have teamed up to make some classic hip hop, and while they are expecting to release a full length album later this year, they have a couple singles and a rather excellent EP you can snatch up right now.


The Perfect Strangers EP opens with a VHS-ripped version of the entire Perfect Strangers intro, which is comically delicious, and would have only been made better if there had been one or two cameos by Balki and cousin Larry App-le-ton throughout the EP. But that’s simply nitpicking when you’re being given the good stuff, like the sparse yet super-funky beat on Audrey Horne, an ode to the under-age slimmies that Socks steals with his trademark witticisms and an Andy Moog reference. For You is up next, and comes across like some incredibly smoothed out 90′s goodness that finds Muneshine and Socks sounding like a Can-rap Camp Lo.


Just when you think the Perfect Strangers EP is all smoothed out goodness, Prestige Worldwide comes through with an awesome early 90′s, Beatminers-esque beat and a classic BDP-era KRS sample that sets the stage for Muneshine to crush the opening verse: “so personal, flow so versatile, new to Toronto raps, oh so Turkoglu”. The creepy Black Lodge sounds like a Dre beat crossed with a classic Premier collage chorus, and the remix for Kaboom, by Oz’s own M-Phazes, sounds like a late 90′s underground classic and both Muneshine and Socks kick exuberant odes loving the one your with.


Twin Peaks is great stuff, and an excellent example of the high-caliber hip hop that is being produced in Canada right now, and so do yourself a favour and get with their program. We’ll get your started with a sneak peak, here’s a taste for you, their first single Handsome Devils. Enjoy.


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MP3:: Twin Peaks - Handsome Devils