News:: Adrian Teacher (Apollo Ghosts) records a Karl Blau record

Well, sort of. A few months ago, eclectic folk writing legend, Karl Blau put a collection of words on his web site, hoping people would use his words to complete their chords and arrangements or inspire new melodies. Aptly titled, My Words Are Yours, Karl hoped the idea would spark creativity amongst artist he had never met and probably never would.


Obviously, as a new to the game, but big Blau fan the project was intriguing, but when I got an email from Adrian Teacher (cape wearing front man of Polaris Long Listers & Herohill favorite, Apollo Ghosts) saying Blau’s idea inspired him to write 15 new songs, I was hooked. In a world where covers, remixes and mash-ups of the most radio friendly jams dominate the hype machine, it’s refreshing to find a project that inspires a little known talent to write a record of songs born from the words of an even more remote, under the radar talent.


The recordings are rough, barely finished thoughts. In line with Blau’s tendency to meld styles, Teacher showcases remarkable creativity over the fifteen songs. Electric guitar and fuzz stand side by side the spare strums of an acoustic and echo-filled drums. Instead of the spastic, quirky pop we’ve come to expect from Apollo Ghosts, My Words Are Yours embraces Blau’s sonic template. The hushed layers are surprisingly well thought out, and help the record flow nicely from start to finish. Tempos are varied - the Velvets like chug of “Blue as My Name” contrasts the stark and emotional “Memphis is the Place I Gave My Heart Away” - and emotions range from bleak sadness to surprising optimism and whimsy. There’s lo-fi folk songs that seem to have floated up the Pacific from Anacortes to Vancouver, rock songs and even some pseudo jammed out affairs (“Colour Whale”), but in the end, the most riveting part of the record is getting that unique look at how one artist is influenced by another.


In Adrian’s own words:

It’s called ‘My Words Are Yours..’ and it’s inspired by Karl Blau. He posted up a bunch of lyrics at his website and asked readers to write songs for them. So I did-I wrote fifteen new songs in about two weeks. I’ll be posting the album up on the myspace in a few weeks (ED NOTE: not up there yet) as a free download. I recorded all the songs on my webcam by myself…Hope you like it!

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MP3:: Adrian Teacher - Tin Eyes

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