Introducing:: Wool on Wolves


Many a Canadian music legacy has been built on the smooth, mellow roots sound that seems to rise up from the Prairie fields and waft pleasantly across porches and patios from coast to shining coast. No matter how many new genres take shape (Witch house? Really, that’s a thing?) or how shitty and lo-fi the preferred sound de jour gets, Canadian music fans will always relate to a man with a guitar and a heartbreaking story to tell and always gravitate to polished, country tinged melodies. It’s in our DNA, like saying aboot or loving poutine.


I guess that’s why after a few listens to the debut LP from Edmonton’s Wool on Wolves, even as you hear the influence of Wilco and Ryan Adams (“Thick as Thieves”, “Bird in the Bush”), it’s reassuring to realize they aren’t too cool to show Blue Rodeo the respect the Canadian institution deserves. Even when they add some muscle and sonic blasts to push their sounds from the 60′s into this decade and away from the safe confines of a porch jam session, it’s the breezy melodies (“G-arp”, “The Distance Between” and the album stand-out, “Ports of Glass Harbour”) that give the songs roots and help the band hit home.

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MP3:: Wool on Wolves - Ports of Glass Harbour




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2 Responses to “Introducing:: Wool on Wolves”

Watty November 9th, 2010 at 5:36 pm

After a few listens myself, you took he words right out of my mouth. There is just something that feels very ‘Albertan’ in this album. A great record for long, lonely road trips.

Roget L'heureux February 28th, 2011 at 10:02 pm

you guys are really f awesome. Not often i enjoy all songs on an album, yours are all worth listening to over and over and over………keep up the excellent artistry!

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