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Sometimes, the overflow of information from things like twitter, facebook and hypem pays off. Obviously, in most cases twitter ends up being like a drunk relative on the mic at a wedding, but Saturday afternoon I saw a tweet from Rock Plaza Central front man Chris Eaton urging people to check out fellow non-folk, folker Gabe Levine.


After a quick click to Levine’s bandcamp site, I was hooked instantly by the infectious head nodding beat of “Believe Me” and realized there was no way Long Spun Thread wasn’t getting a complete start-to-finish listen. Gabe constantly shifts between pseudo jazz improv and picked folk (Honey all the Way Down”), but it’s the R&B back end that really makes the record so enjoyable.


The gentle production of hand of Sandro Perri and a collection of seasoned musicians playing strings, flutes, sax, banjo, Rhodes (and any other instrument you can find really) provides a soothing, soulful backdrop for Levine’s impulses, and creating a smooth, but surprisingly intricate listen. It would be easy to simply settle into the warming sounds of strings and organs on “After and Before”, but Levine adds what sounds like an eerie singing saw in the distance to tweak the comfortable bed of layers he and the band builds. The same can be said about the almost off tempo banjo that offsets the finger picking and warbling synths of “Bitter Wine (Friend of Mine)” or the interesting break down that changes the feel of the summery, hand clap laced gem, “Shake Out Your Shoes.”


Bottom line, Levine’s creativity never derails the beauty of his songs, it only enhances them. The ten-song effort is delicate, sensual, warm and still, progressive. From the first note of “Believe Me” to the fret board squeak that closes “Friends in Bed”, Levine subtly captivates the listener; it’s not a record for everyone, but if all things were equal, it certainly should be.

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MP3:: Gabe Levine - Believe Me
WEB:: http://gabelevine.bandcamp.com

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