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When we were sent some info on MisterE and his new album, Dusting For Prints, I thought for a moment that herohill alumnus Mario “Mr. E” Eleftheros was resurrecting his MC Archimedes rap persona under a new name. Obviously this is not the case, and this MisterE happens to be the rap aka of Mike Sammut, an MC/Producer from Kitchener.


Honestly I knew nothing about MisterE before he got in touch with us, but any Backburner-affiliated record is going to get a listen here at the hill, and Dusting For Prints certainly rewarded that listen. It’s got solid, boom bap production from MisterE himself, Mantis, and Fresh Kils, as well as plenty of tasty cuts from Uncle Fester, all of which lay a solid base for the album. MisterE handles pretty much all the vocal duties himself, with only a couple songs featuring guests, and while you aren’t going to get any very conceptual or lyrically complex songs from him, he does kick plenty of braggadocios battle raps and punch lines in his heavy baritone.


So while Dusting For Prints won’t JFK your dome, it will likely get it bobbing along happily, and it should certainly warm your classic hip hop loving heart. Things really get moving a couple songs in, and once I got to the triumvirate of throwback goodness presented by I’m About, Connect The Dots, and Livin’ It (which features The Gey By MC’s Mantis & Justis), I was sold. And while MisterE’s vocals give the album a consistent sound, there’s enough variation in the beats to keep things interesting: Move Along uses some catchy guitar riff-age, while the smile-inducing Guidelines has a hyper, 80′s fast-rap vibe, and the nostalgic It Used To Be takes on a more summery sound, like something Warren G. might cook up for the Dove Shack. I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that the always enjoyable More Or Les appears on Rock Majorly, and he doesn’t disappoint here either, as it’s one of my favorite songs on the album.


On the hunt for some classic hip hop? MisterE and Dusting For Prints is worth a look.

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MP3:: MisterE - Connect The Dots
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