This right here is something I’ve been meaning to post on for a while, so let’s cut right to the chase: I would like you to go to Montreal based MC KWES’ Bandcamp page and download his EP Against The Dying of The Light, mainly because I think it’s very good. It’s also free, so it won’t cost you anything other than a few minutes of your precious time, and let’s be honest, if you can’t spare a few minutes for good, free music, why are you here?


Anyway, I was a fan of Kwes’ last project,the satiric-yet-unfortunately named Kwiz Massturz which featured KWES (aka Graham Collie), his brother Owel Five, and producer James Hancock. So a solo EP from KWES with production from Hancock is certainly in my wheelhouse and my tardiness in getting this post up is due only to my familiar bugaboo combo of procrastination & non-blog busy-ness.


Hancock’s beats are once again very solid, with perhaps a bit more boom-bapery in the drums, but still with the lush layers of horns, guitars & other interesting sounds. I honestly like each track on the EP, but the way he flips the familiar Impeach The President-ish drums into something fresh sounding on Well Jackson and the mashup of bluesy-jazzy sounds on Pelican Gospel are a couple favorites.


As for KWES, he’s the kind of MC that deserves some propers, but likely doesn’t get them. He’s a very skilled MC that makes thinking man’s hip hop (ugh, for lack of a better term, to say the least), but peppers it with pop-culture references and enough catchy hooks to lure in those who don’t care to dig deeper. But those that do will find KWES working in references to Donovan Bailey, Camp Lo, George Jung or Totall Recall with relative ease. He’s able to turn 50′s Gangster slang from Miller’s Crossing into a catchy jam (The Rumpus), work lower-body elephantiasis into a call for self-confidence (Parachute Pants), and manages to pull off a “war song” without coming across as reactionary or heavy-handed (Against the Dying of the Light).


So to reiterate the initial point of this post: go get Against The Dying of the Light right now.


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MP3:: KWES - Well Jackson