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Getting older is hard. Forget about the simple inconveniences; the shock of a hangover from two or three beers, premature balding or extra weight around the midsection. What I’m talking about is the inevitable reality that life almost never works out the way you expect it to, and the love that seemed endless and all encompassing years ago, slowly but surely turns to loss. For Salteens front man Scott Walker, that loss was physical (the passing of his father) and mental (caring for his mother as her memories faded into a cloud of confusion as a result of her Alzheimer’s). Not surprisingly, those two heartbreaking realities caused Scott to turn the lens back on himself and allowed the band to reinvent their sound.


Gone is the crunching power pop that helped make the Vancouver band such a success almost ten years ago and instead, the band developed orchestral tapestries with triumphant brass, twinkling piano notes, wind, flutes and melancholic undertones. The album opener, “Last Train From London” delightfully kick starts the record with horns, hand claps and a chorus that fuses to your cerebellum, but as the rest of the record unfolds, precision dominates the 60′s pop arrangements that provide the perfect support for the introspective clarity that dominates Scott’s writing.


It’s not surprising that those intense emotions have resulted in a record where each line seems to have a sadness that wasn’t present in Scott’s previous work. Even songs that the band released on their last EP - Moths - have been reworked for better results that are more cohesive to the emotional weight of the record. The band transforms “(We Can) Go On” a power pop guitar laden quick hitter into a mature piano/horn affair that seems more focused and more poignant, and even the album closer (“Don’t Break My Heart”) does a better job at tying together the emotions at the end of Grey Eyes than it did on Moths. Instead of another song about a love that ended too soon, the song now feels more like Walker desperately pleading with life for a reprieve, not an ex-lover for another chance.

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MP3:: Salteens - If Love Is Gone Where Do We Go From Here


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