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When it comes to instrumental bands that build emotion and tension, the climax is often an epic reveal that inspires the listener to fight and keep pushing. The quiet/loud/quiet/louder adventures hint at heartbreak and regret, but ultimately leave you feeling that things will get better.


When it comes to Montreal art rockers Valleys - a band that opened the 2009 herohill Pop Explosion show with amazing results - the cinematic soundscapes they build don’t soar over mountains or explode with light. No, the songs explore the shadows and force you to deal with the chilling fears we all try to forget with stunning and often beautiful results.


“Ordinary Dream” is an incredibly compact track, one that lets Matilda’s vocals and gentle percussion gently lull you into a hazy bliss before erupting violently with noises, feedback and reverb. Opting for reality, the song portrays the immediate shock that wakes us up in the middle of the night covered in sweat instead of the pleasantries and drug induced joy that often get equated with our subconscious.


It’s often said that it’s darkest just before the light and as terrifying as the fractured, chaotic sonic explosions of “Ten Thousand Hours” are, Valleys ends the track - and the EP - with the the relief of dawn’s first light. With only a few screamed vocals and feedback and dissonant noise, the MTL trio pulls us all down into the abyss but as the song ends they relent, letting you know that you are safe, that you survived… at least for now.

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MP3:: Valleys - Ordinary Dream

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