Christmas Party:: Chrsitmas at the Oldfolks Home, Season 2

Don’t look now, but Christmas is almost upon us, and what better was to celebrate than with the 2010 version of Christmas at the Oldfolks Home!


If you were a hill regular at this time last year, you’ll remember that Ricardo & Shaun from Winnipeg’s Oldfolks Home invited us to participate in an ambitious Xmas treat where they released a song a week, complete with custom artwork, in the 4 weeks leading up to Christmas. The results were quite wonderful, and so we were very happy the boys from the ‘Peg asked us to take part in their second musical Holiday celebration.


Understandably, they’ve pared things down to one song this year, but it’s certainly no less enjoyable. Their handclap and guitar-strum filled offering, The Gentleman Farmer, has a bounce and a warm about it that will surely put some pep in your Xmas step, no matter how cold it is where you are. As a bonus, they’ve even included a DVD image file with the full download of the song, should you feel like hearing a hi-Def version of the song (if you do this, please let the fellas know how it turns out via Email of Facebook, as they are anxious to hear how it works out for folks).


So then, download The Gentleman Farmer, burn yourself a Hi-Def DVD, and start kicking your Xmas-ness up a notch. And big thanks to Ricardo & Shaun for letting us pass this tune on to you as well. Enjoy!


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MP3:: The Oldfolks Home - The Gentleman Farmer



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