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Play Guitar

The second in my series of posts dedicated to solid albums that I meant to post on this past year, but didn’t get to for some reason, continues with Play Guitar. This Halifax/Montreal foursome released a great album called simply LP, which I listened to, enjoyed and planned to post on, but never did. So a hearty Me Fault to the folks from Play Guitar, and you should certainly check out their album.


As in all of these “Me Fault” posts, this is not just lip service, coming back to Play Guitar’s LP after a couple months, I still really like it. Listening to the first 10 seconds or so of many of the album’s songs might lead one to believe that it is 10 songs of moody, post-rockish sounds, but the songs themselves are injected with enough pop pep & boy-girl harmonies to prove otherwise. There are plenty of angular, off-kilter riffs to be found throughout, but the total package means they end up being some of the more pleasant angular, off-kilter riffs you’re likely to hear. The album blurb describes the sound as “post-pop”, and I think that’s a pretty good description of what Play Guitar’s all about.


Anyhoo, I really should have gotten to Play Guitar sooner, but no matter, LP is a pretty great record, so if you haven’t checked them out yet, consider this a perfect time to do so.

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MP3:: Play Guitar - When She Was Kids

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