Quick Hitters:: Little Jungles

I suppose when people look back at 2010, it will be the year of chillwave, silly band names and lo-fi supremacy. Considering all of those things, it’s pretty appropriate to end the years posts with a quick look at Vancouver’s Little Jungles.


To be honest, most of the bands best described by any of those qualifiers left me flat. The reverb and shitty recordings often did their best to mask the fact the melodies were rehashed, second rate efforts and while Little Jungles certainly has enough reverb and sun kisses to appeal to fans of Panda Bear, it’s the decision to frequent darker clubs and the strength of his song writing that makes Wuts Goin Thru Yer Head much more than a blip on the “2010 hot sound” list.


Shoe gazing anthems and honest, slow burning singer song writer moments (“Blue Heron”) far exceed the drones of obscured melody and push Little Jungles away from (and above) the artists trolling the beaches for any sound left behind by endless scavengers. Little Jungles may know the warmth of endless summers, but more importantly for most of Canada, it’s the way this record empathizes with anyone trapped by alienating cold winter nights that really speak volumes.

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MP3:: Little Jungles - Blue Heron
WEB:: http://littlejungles.bandcamp.com/




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3 Responses to “Quick Hitters:: Little Jungles”

Werner Pfetzing December 29th, 2010 at 5:53 pm

Good Shoegazer Sound with a big Shot of Empathic
Pop ! Similiar good as “My Bloody Valentine”
or “Jesus and the Mary Chain”. Remember then ?

Brendan Benson December 30th, 2010 at 9:34 am

Great Post! Little Jungles is Amazing!
They really weave a tapestry of delicate yet powerful resonance! Look out for them in 2011!

Aidan Ranney December 30th, 2010 at 7:19 pm

Little Jungles pushes the envelope for bedroom pop. Little Jungles builds its sound from a base of songwriting talent instead of electronic toys. Little Jungles makes cool-looking CD cases on his kitchen table.

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