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It’s no secret that the noise collages of the 90′s are back in style when it comes to today’s young artists. Big hooks, noise and volume have pushed rootsy melodies, steel guitar and layered seven-part harmonies to the back burner. Unfortunately, for most of those artists trying to sound like their influences, the genius of bands like Guided By Voices and Pavement was delivered by the lo-fi aesthetic, not created as a result of it.


Thankfully, when Montreal’s Reversing Falls enters the studio, a finer understanding and appreciation of sound drives the end results. For Tyler Crawford - who is also a sound engineer that has worked with Parlovr and Cotton Mouth - the two-minute blasts of noise and guitar might sound gritty and raw, but the songs are well thought out and sound great in your headphones. Just take a quick listen to the crunch of the guitar on the sing-along ready “Still Kicking” and you can hear how Reversing Falls fuses noise and layers into the mix, but never hides their pop .


I have no idea how this band sounds like New Brunswick and don’t think their universal power punk, yelpy indie can be pigeonholed into some mythical, catch-all East Coast sound, but I do know that Recoder takes some of the most enjoyable touch points from the people that started the indie movement and manages to put them through a unique, personal filter to power the songs through the grit and stand out from the countless bands trying to follow the same path.

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MP3:: Reversing Falls - Still Kicking
MYSPACE:: http://www.myspace.com/reversingfalls


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