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With the never-ending number of music blogs posting songs on the daily, I’m not sure if anyone cares “where” they first heard about an artist anymore. Hell, with aggregators and RSS feeds, I’m not sure most people even know, but it’s still a source of pride for any blogger traveling off the beaten path. Up until a few days ago, I had never heard of Reuben Bullock - a Calgary based song writer whose songs bleed passion and honesty - and without the digging of Calgary based blog, Slowcoustic, I never would have.


Pulling Up Arrows is a record that showcases Bullock’s voice, one as malleable as copper and almost as easily worn and weathered. Whether it’s delivering emotion heavy tales over picked notes or transforming into a more fleshed out, full band front man, Bullock seems comfortable and confident. Opening with “These Hands”, Bullock uses a swell on the chorus to grab the listener tight and the next ten to explore J. Tillman like, hushed offerings (“Haunted”), Conor Oberst worthy narratives (“Part 1″), chugging roots anthems (“Devils Time”), and even radio ready songs destined for bigger CBC audiences (the string laden “Paper Trail” and the beautiful “The Rain”).


The fact that a virtually unknown singer (to those outside the Calgary borders) can effortlessly draw comparisons to some of the biggest name in roots/folk music today speaks volumes, but the fact he doesn’t ever try to fit into a easily defined label or limit his creativity is what is truly staggering. It’s hard to imagine the same songwriter penned the gospel, funeral ode “Open Grave” and “Pendulum Sun”; a song that starts as a traditional roots rocker, but Bullock’s voice and arrangement lets him speak to an audience that would have David Gray records displayed proudly on their shelves. At the end of the day, Reuben only wants to write songs that connect with people, and by balancing pure emotion with surprisingly addictive melodies, he does just that.

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Smansmith December 9th, 2010 at 11:28 am

Cheers Ack! I do agree that Bullock is a ‘hidden’ gem here in Calgary: strong and loyal they are to him though!

Bound for bigger things, me thinks.

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