What’s This, A Party?:: In-Flight Safety Remix

I know, I know, I’m likely JFK-ing your mind with this one, first a Tuesday edition of our remix-featuring WTAP post series last week, and now I come with it on a Wednesday? Hell yes friend, hell yes. First of all, I have yet to meet a Wednesday that couldn’t be livened up with a quality remix, and secondly, there isn’t any day of the week that won’t be improved with a posting of a shirtless Kid ‘N Play pic. So done and done.


It’s no secret that I’m a big IFS fan - as I’ve mentioned before, their last full-length inspired one of my rantiest reviews, so I welcome any new release from the band, especially one as fun as this remix of Crash/Land that the band’s keyboardist Dan Ledwell has put together. 80′s electro drums & handclaps and Jon “J-Pain” Mullane on the auto-tuned vocals? Sure, why not.


So enjoy this remix, I hope it’ll inject a bit of fun into your Wednesday. As we wrap things up, I’m reminded that I recently read something about IFS having their album released in Germany in 2011 on the awesomely named Waggle Daggle records. It’s a timely reminder, as it seems that Waggle Daggle is featuring IFS today as the first entry of their advent-style “Adventskalenders” December countdown! At least I think that’s what’s going on, if Google translate is to be believed, as the post is in German. That’s rather cool in my humble, so if you’re in Germany, go see IFS in March.

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MP3:: In-Flight Safety - Crash/Land (Daniel Ledwell Remix)
WEB:: www.thisisnightdanger.com



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Daniel Waggle-Daggle December 2nd, 2010 at 5:25 am

Hey-Ho! Keep up the good work, thanks alot! I enjoy reading your blog. We’re going to install a language switch to make Waggle-Daggle a multilanguage website, soon. With original English texts written by myself instead of some weird Google translations ;-) Thanks again for your support!

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