News:: First Derek from Northcliffe (Maybe still D-Sisive?)

D-Sisive - If I Live To See Tomorrow

Well if you’re paying attention, you know that T.O. MC D-Sisive was retiring his long-time moniker if favour of the new, more geographically accurate Derek from Northcliffe (incidentally, there happens to be a Northcliffe Recreation Centre not 10 minutes from where I grew up in Halifax, and in fact, the Ashtray Rock made quasi-famous by Joel Plaskett is just behind this Northcliffe Recreation Centre. Isn’t that interesting?).


Well the prolific Mr. Christoff has come with his first release of 2011, and it features him, going in, as the kids say, over a Sigur Ros track. What Sigur Ros track you might ask? As I am merely the hill’s resident rap guy, I have no idea about the Sigur Ros, other than they are from Iceland and enjoy the post rock. And Derek provides only the lyrics to the track in his press release, but that’s ok with me, as he’s really pouring out his anger and frustration in this one and it hits home if you read through the lyrics.

I don’t know how to sell
I’m a writer trying to write my mind out of hell
Without a combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell
Fuck a novelty to get the world to follow me
I’ve penned magic but haven’t seen a penny paid
Rap’s Lennon trying to pen a Penny Lane
Very strange

There are angrier, more personal parts to the song to be sure, but I think what it boils down to is that D just wants to be heard, and heard by more than the small army of folks like yours truly here at the hill, who get it, and have been listening intently since The Book dropped. So have a listen, and if you like it, spread the good word about Derek and D-Sisive.

I love you all
So take Jonestown
Take it all
Take my catalogue
I don’t want your cash
Just listen to the words
That’s all I ask

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MP3:: D-Sisive - If I Live To See Tomorrow

VIDEO:: D-Sisive - If I Live To See Tomorrow (SigurRos:Hijacked)



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