Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 2

Well now, we posted our first “get yourself on the hill” pro-tip on the site yesterday, and no one told us to eat a hot bowl of dicks, so I’ll take that as an invitation to continue on with the series.


Yesterday we focused on one of our blog’s main, uhhhh, focuses, which is covering Canadian music. Obviously you can’t help it if you don’t happen to hail from the Canada, and so regardless of whether you do or don’t, that tip is a bit limited. Today we get a bit more specific about something you have control over: how you present your music when you get in touch with us or anyone else.


Right then, on to tip numero dos!


2. Have Your Shiz Together.
If you’re going to take the trouble to email a bunch of random people (and this may shock you, but music bloggers may not be the most open-minded & forgiving bunch of folks you’ll come across) your music, please ensure you’ve crossed your t’s and dotted your i’s. Most importantly, make sure you’re including a link to a site where we can immediately hear your songs with as little effort as possible (and yes, myspace is dead and/or dying, depending on when you read this, so try Bandcamp, Soundcloud, or something similar). Believe me, I’ve heard other bloggers talk about this, and, as a rule, I think the attention span of the average blogger is way shorter than that of my four year old son. You have a small window there, so make sure you have a decent selection of songs as few clicks away from that email as possible. If you do go ahead and send us your album, do us a couple favours:

  • First, prepare it properly. Make sure all songs are named & tagged (tagged correctly as well), and then put them, along with your bio/onesheet and the album art, in a zip file and send it via the file sharing service of your choice (yousendit, sendspace,, whatever works). Seriously, if you don’t know how to do this, learn. Consult someone that does if need be. It is not hard. If you’re looking for a way to get an insta-delete, emailing your un-solicited album attached to 10 separate emails is perhaps the number 1 way.
  • Secondly, tell us the deal with the album. We are an “mp3 blog” as in “we post songs for people to download”, so when you send us music, please let us know what songs we are allowed to post. We almost never post more than 2 songs from an album, so we won’t put up the whole thing, but let us know what songs are cleared for that purpose. Even if nothing is post-able, let us know, we’ve done streaming songs in the past, an we’ll do it again no doubt.

I realize these things seem fairly straightforward, but the number of submissions we get that don’t adhere to these things is far greater than ones that do.


Tune in tomorrow for tip no. 3 and remember we’ll compile the full list for a weekend posting.

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MP3:: New Pornographers - Your Hands (Together)



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One Response to “Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 2”

Paul January 19th, 2011 at 11:28 am

WHK still gets a crapload of daily PR emails from bands who don’t seem to notice that I stopped posting nearly 2 years ago. I hope they aren’t paying those agencies.

Great tips so far. I’m looking forward to more.

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