Pro-Tip:: Get Yourself on the Hill in 2011 - Vol. 3

We’ve reached the mid-point in our hopefully helpful “get yourself on the hill” pro-tip posting series, and we’ve touched on Canadian-ness and presenting your music, but what does our hump day tip have in store?


Today’s tip might seem a little odd at first, but I think it does make sense if you think about it from our perspective. Right then, on to our third tip!





3. Feel Free to Name Drop.
Yes, in a normal social situation, this is a bad thing, but I mean it more in the sense that it will usually help give us some context when we’re figuring out who you are and what you’re all about. If you are close to, or have worked with, bands we’ve covered before, feel free to mention that. We get a lot of submissions these days, so that kind of thing at least gives us a starting point. While we’re on the subject of context, please ensure your email has some of that. Things like where you are from, your past musical endeavors, past releases, upcoming release or tour dates (especially if you’re coming our way) are all details that will be helpful to us. Sure, it’s hilarious if you simply send us an email with one sentence like “YOU KNOW THE DEAL HOMESKILLET”, but more often then not, that will get you the insta-delete. On the flip-side, don’t overdo the name-dropping. While the fact that the drummer from Platinum Blonde frequents your favorite Tim’s is an awesome anecdote, it’s likely not going to increase your chances of getting on the hill. Well, in theory anyway, we have been swayed by less in the past.


Tune in tomorrow for tip no. 4 and remember we’ll compile the full list for a weekend posting.

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MP3:: Adrian Teacher - Blue As My Name



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